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Kris Armstrong

Director of Operations

Kris (he/him) is an experienced operations leader and researcher. He brings broad organizational knowledge and perspectives from his experiences in retail, politics, political consulting, market research, coffee production, tech and academia. He loves learning and strives to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity as a part of life, work, learning, and growth. His interest in DEI started long before his awareness of it as an industry and was most likely incubated in the experience of growing up in two households with different economic realities. Even as an adolescent, it was befuddling, saddening, and angering to witness peers end up on extraordinarily different trajectories based on the neighborhood in which they lived; talent and tenacity having little effect on their outcomes. Kris wants to make organizations more caring of employees, customers, and their communities and more active in removing internal forms of marginalization. When he is not working, you will find him listening to music, watching movies, cutting opals, reading, or spending time with his family (of both the human and furry kind).

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