Dream the future. Construct the present.

As experienced equity, diversity, and inclusion consultants, we’re committed to working with nonprofits, government agencies, and private companies across the nation who have committed to being leaders in building a better future.

With a combined 30 years of experience in DEI consulting, we’ve witnessed the transformative effect targeted training and support can have on organizations and communities. In every case, the first step to constructing an environment where all voices are recognized and respected is simply this: a desire for progress.

Equity, diversity and inclusion consultants

Our Approach

We understand that real, lasting change is easier said than done. As education experts, we use learning principles to guide our DEI strategy, leading and inspiring participants to engage in the work and self-reflection necessary to recognize the root causes of inequity. 


Creating an environment where people are ready to learn

When people feel forced, attacked, or rushed, they start to protect themselves, and learning grinds to a halt. We don’t give lectures, force conversations, or judge. Our facilitation practices are designed to help people feel comfortable and socially connected enough to learn and grow.


Educational strategy that resonates with your team

We draw on adult learning theory to facilitate our workshops. By taking into account the ways adults respond best to education, such as finding internal motivation for learning or applying new ideas to real-life situations, our experiences have a more meaningful impact.


Designing communities that work for everyone

We design systems with intention based on the needs of all involved. We practice organizational development as a path to building strong teams, fostering great leadership, improving processes and, ultimately, changing company culture.

Diversity, Equity and inclusion

What is DEI Consulting?

Simply put, we use our lived experiences and professional expertise to help organizations become stronger and more resilient using Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy.


A diverse team strengthens your organization through the power of their combined backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.


Different from EQUALITY. Each of us getting what we need to thrive & succeed—access to opportunity, networks, resources, and supports—based on where we are and where we want to go.


An authentic sense of belonging and value gives everyone the freedom necessary to participate, lead, and act with agency.

At Construct the Present, we are proud to be a certified B Corp, demonstrating our commitment to social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. As part of our dedication to making a positive impact, we pledge 5% of our time to support black-led and serving nonprofits. We invite organizations with projects or needs aligned with our services in organizational development, people strategy, and culture to contact us. Together, we can drive meaningful change in our community.

Our Team

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