Equity Audits

We can tell what we value by what we measure

An equitable company measures employee experience, culture and the policies in place to embed inclusion. Our trademark process measures 10 domains and spans the entirety of organizational needs: assess organizational performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, provide recommendations, best practices, policy design, staff training and development, leadership training and development, and tracking of outcome improvement.
Equity, diversity and inclusion consultants
Diversity, Equity and inclusion

Ongoing Success

This assessment will be revisited and cataloged every 2 years as your company gains and loses staff moving forward. This way we can clearly see any progress made, and create reports that share these wins with customers, clients and additional stakeholders. We’ll collaborate with HR to capture critical DEI data during the onboarding process of all future hires. Here’s the process:

Audit Components

  1. One-on-one interviews
  2. Small group listening sessions
  3. Staff survey
  4. Leadership survey
  5. Service user survey
  6. Document review

Phase 01

  1. Project launch announcement
  2. Initial Leadership introductions
  3. Schedule listening sessions
  4. Launch Staff survey
  5. Launch direct service user survey

Phase 02

  1. Formal Leadership & Stakeholder interviews
  2. Documents shared with CTP
  3. Documents scored and assessed
  4. Data is audited, compiled, and shared with project team
  5. Report is generated
  6. Report is shared with Leadership, Staff, and Community

Hiring Assessment

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