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How To Be An Ally During Women’s History Month

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

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Not All Women’s Rights Were Created Equal

During Women’s History Month, we celebrate and honor the struggle for women’s liberation. Women of color, disabled, queer, trans, and women experiencing poverty know that the fight looks different for us. It’s vastly different than what we see in mainstream media.

Increasing the rate of white “She-EO’s” and “girl bosses” can’t be the standard for feminism. The fight has to be rooted in centering those whose voices are erased from the conversation. 

We have to center Black women. That always includes Black trans women. We have to prioritize getting women the resources we need to thrive in every aspect of our liberated lives.

At Construct the Present, we challenge traditional feminism and center intersectional feminism. By understanding how our diverse experiences affect our womanhood, we can address the needs of all women.  

How can we correct the narrative of “mainstream” women’s history this month?

Women of Color in the Workplace 

Women of color lose ground in every step in the corporate pipeline… leaving women of color severely underrepresented at the top.

Lean In Women in the Workplace 2021

Women of color face discrimination and micro-aggressions more than white women.  Black women face even more than other women of color. Disabled women face more than able-bodied women. When we talk about gender bias, we have to also talk about race and ability. 

We have to talk about Intersectionality.

Intersectionality is an analytical framework for understanding how aspects of a person’s social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege. Intersectionality identifies multiple factors of advantages and disadvantages.

Although more white women are calling themselves allies, women of color aren’t experiencing more action-based allyship from white women. Having a first-hand understanding of micro-aggressions leverages white women as better allies. This takes intentional action. Understanding how race shows up is critical to truly showing up for women of color. 

Be an action-oriented ally.

How to be a Trusted White Ally during Women’s History Month

  • understand how your racial identity intersects with your gender identity
  • use your privilege to speak up about injustice
  • elevate voices of women of color during projects and meetings
  • address conflict head on, embrace honest relationships
  • work through your shame and guilt independently
  • practice self compassion when you make a misstep
  • stick with your allyship beyond politicized moments

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