Set the stage for DEI leadership and learning.

Our gifted speakers and facilitators have years of experience broaching the subjects of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion with a range of audiences at events across the country. We understand that everyone brings their own lived experience to the room. Our talks are designed to engage with even the most skeptical audiences, making them comfortable enough to engage with DEI topics, reflect on their own biases, and open their awareness to the root systems of inequity that continue to exist in our

Engage a member of our team to present a keynote customized to your event:

Liana Avendano

Key areas of expertise: LGBTQIA+, Gender, Equitable Feedback, Neurodiversity, DEI and more


Alexis Braly James

Key areas of expertise: Racial Equity, Women in the workplace, Equitable leadership, Whiteness/White supremacy and more


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