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How to Hire with Intention

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Blog | 0 comments

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Construct The Present (Certified B corp) is starting the year off strong with a team we are so proud of!  I feel honored to work alongside Alexis BralyJames and Jasmine Taylor as we center liberation for ourselves and our clients.

Building a team of change-makers has to be intentional. We have learned a lot in our own hiring process over the years, these are our key takeaways:

Be honest with your job description. The job description is where you will find the right candidate and maintain the best fit for your team. Work together as a team to create something accurate, honest, and clear.

Be honest with your job description. The job description is where you will find the right candidate and maintain the best fit for your team. Work together as a team to create something accurate, honest, and clear.

  • Inclusive Language:
    • Use gender-neutral language to appeal to a broad audience.
    • Avoid culturally biased terms that may exclude certain groups.
  • Focus on Skills and Competencies:
    • Emphasize the skills and qualifications necessary for the job rather than specific educational backgrounds or credentials.
    • Highlight transferable skills that may be gained through various experiences.
  • Flexible Requirements:
    • Clearly distinguish between “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” to encourage a diverse range of applicants.
    • Be open to considering candidates with non-traditional career paths.
  • Transparent Responsibilities:
    • Clearly outline the job responsibilities and expectations to manage candidate expectations.
    • Avoid vague language that may lead to misinterpretation.
  • Salary Transparency:
    • Consider including a salary range to promote transparency and attract candidates who align with the compensation offered.
    • Clearly communicate any additional benefits or perks.
  • Accommodation Information:
    • Provide information on the company’s commitment to providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities during the hiring process.
    • Encourage candidates to request accommodations as needed.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commitment:
    • Include a statement expressing the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    • Highlight any specific DEI initiatives or employee resource groups within the company.
  • Remote Work Consideration:
    • Clearly state whether the position allows for remote work or if it requires on-site presence.
    • Specify any flexibility regarding work hours or locations.
  • Application Process Clarity:
    • Clearly outline the application process, including key dates, interview stages, and expected timelines.
    • Offer contact information for candidates to seek clarifications or request accommodations.
  • Equal Opportunity Employer Statement:
    • Include an Equal Opportunity Employer statement to affirm the commitment to fair and unbiased hiring practices.
    • Mention any affirmative action initiatives if applicable.

Set clear expectations for your existing team. Every time you add a new team member, you essentially have a whole new team. Spend time on team building, setting expectations, and preparing everyone for collaboration.

Team building happens during training and activities. Contact CTP ( to book a team-building activity. 

Find values alignment vs. culture fit. People have different lived experiences and understanding. Ensuring someone has values alignment with your brand will ensure they align with your mission and vision. Take the time during interviews to explore what drives candidates and identify your values within their answers.

  • What are your company values? 
  • How do they show up in the work you do? 
  • How is that reflected in the candidate’s answers to questions? 

Have patience; be willing to start again. It is okay to restart the hiring process. It can be challenging when time and money have been invested, but hiring someone out of desperation to fill a role will cost more in the long run.

Equitable onboarding strategy. It is crucial to have an onboarding process, but it is also wise to make adjustments for different people’s strengths and areas for growth. Work with your new hires to create an onboarding process that suits them.

Revise and elevate your hiring process by reaching out to us. Our expertise ensures efficiency and effectiveness in attracting top talent. Let’s enhance your recruitment strategies together.

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